Sedum-roof-covering, a sedum roof covering is the lightest form of green living roof. you can grow sedum plants on any flat roof. you simply add a substrate (ie. a layer of material in which the sedum can grow) above the roof’s waterproof membrane and plant the sedum. sedum roof covering shortly after planting. Sedum and a sedum roof. sedum and extensive green roofs are so intertwined that in practice people often talk about sedum roofs. why is that? what is sedum and what makes sedum so suitable for extensive green roofs?, sedum seeds can easily be started and they quickly establish to produce succulent, low-growing plants. sedum can be used for ground cover plants or to create a green roof..

Is a sedum roof covering best for a diy green roof? opening doors to low energy refurbishment. sedum roof sedum plant roofing options roofing materials living roofs roof colors roof covering green architecture landscape designs., 1 xf301 sedum blanket system with integrated water retention and filter layer: sedum vegetation blanket instantly providing at least 90% coverage on an extensive green roof. 2 al40 edge trim, frames and retains the xf301 system: 40mm high perforated edge/drainage trim for bauder sedum blanket..

This bumblebee is feeding from sedum spurium. a lovely flower that blooms from late summer into autumn. thriving in well-drained, poor soil, the two row stonecrop is a tough ground cover plant, perfect for a sedum roof., green roofs, or sedum roofs, are growing in popularity throughout the uk and globally, partly due to the growing environmental concerns and focus on minimising the impact on the environment.. Sedum green roof supply a wide range of top quality sedum mats and modular diy trays for green roofs. call us on: 01747 830176, a green roof or living roof is a layered roof system finished with sedum or wildflower turf. the layers of green roofs consist of the vegetation turf, growing medium, drainage system, insulation and a waterproof epdm membrane. recently green roofs have become more popular because of their many benefits to both the occupier and the environment.