Roof-wood-panels-moist, so, using this chart, we know that in an area of the country where the rh inside a home or office is anywhere from 26-32%, both the emc of the in-use location and the wood moisture content kept in that location will be 6%.. (with gene wengert, the wood doctor.) expected movement can be accurately predicted, which means avoiding potential problems down the road. in this article, we’ll explain the importance of understanding wood movement, how to use a moisture meter to measure the moisture content (mc) of trim, how to decide when a load of trim should be rejected, and how to accurately estimate how much trim ..., single-ply membranes are pre-fabricated sheets rolled onto the roof and attached with mechanical fasteners, adhered with chemical adhesives, or held in place with ballast (gravel, stones, or pavers).. how they can be made cool: reformulate or coat black membranes to make them reflective. built-up roofs consist of a base sheet, fabric reinforcement layers, and (usually) a dark protective ....

Attic insulation - combination of fiberglass covered by cellulose. not wet but some areas slightly damp. wanted to add more cellulose but installer said it would make wet roof worse. suggestions?. plywood is original - 49 years old., for many applications, a layer of plywood underneath your metal roofing is an unnecessary expense. metal roofing panels rated for "architectural use" attached to purlins (horizontal pieces of wood or metal fastened to roofing trusses) are structurally sound when installed according to your roofing manufacturer's instructions and local building codes..

The structural insulated panel association (sipa) is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, suppliers, dealer/distributors, design professionals, and builders committed to providing quality structural insulated panels for all segments of the construction industry., the best time to replace a roof is between march 21 and september 21, because the sun’s heat helps the shingles bond together better. cold weather, conversely, reduces the effectiveness of the self-adhesive strips under the shingles..

A. shingle roofs are installed every day over wood decking that has been wet by rain. generally, plywood roof decking that has gotten wet and had the shingles applied over it, if allowed to dry ..., the best material for the shed floor is pressure treated 3/4 inch construction grade exterior plywood. being pressure treated means wet tools or snow from the snow-blower or your boots, won’t damage the floor..

Would plywood exposed to rain water need to be replaced? i bought gaf's timberline shingles for our roof. when they were installed, plywood in two areas was exposed to moderate rainfall and not replaced.