Roof-top-unit-hvac-unit, rooftop packaged ac & furnace units. save space & money with wholesale pricing and free shipping on packaged ac & furnace units - when indoor space is limited, a packaged or rooftop air conditioning or heating unit can be the perfect solution.these all-in-one systems contain sit outside, either on the ground or on the roof, allowing you to save valuable indoor space.. Featuring a capacity range from 3 to 150 tons, our single-packaged rooftop unit from johnson controls is easy to customize with fast installation, low operating costs, the flexibility of heating and cooling options, and our smart equipment controls (sec) package., rooftop units efficient and reliable rooftop units that are cost-effective and easy to install from 3–150 tons, there’s a system that is perfectly suited for you to install in any application, offering flexibility, exceptional energy savings, and lasting performance..

How does a rooftop unit work? find out how rtu's work with this free crash course on rooftop units. we cover everything from the basics up to the advanced versions looking at typical examples and animations to help build your base knowledge and learn hvac engineering., buy commercial rooftop hvac units direct with! we sell rooftop hvac units for your commercial space at wholesale prices. shop from our large selection rooftop units all marked down to amazingly low prices..

When it comes to commercial air conditioning, the great workhorses are rooftop units. people are accustomed to seeing rows of air conditioner cabinets along the top of office and retail buildings. some commercial buildings still use “split” systems that are similar to the ones seen in residential housing, while restaurants and bars often use ductless…, call murphy & miller to get an expert’s opinion on your rooftop unit today!. packaged rooftop units are among the most common hvac systems for commercial buildings in chicago. they are cost-effective, pre-engineered, and adaptable for many applications..

Carrier provides a complete line of commercial packaged rooftop units with puron® refrigerant to meet demanding hvac system requirements. these packaged air conditioners deliver performance for various ranges of industrial applications., get the lowest price on a 10 ton 11.3 eer 210k btu daikin commercial gas & electric package unit - dcg1202103vxxx - fast delivery, lifetime tech support, & free shipping on most items.. Hey guys went on a call last week for a water leak. it was in a office. water was coming down return duct and leaking down on ceiling tiles. first thing i found was belt was loose and evap was icing up. i replaced belt and proper airflow across coil now. unit also didnt have a trap on the drain line. so i installed a trap since it was a neg pressure unit.