Roof-tie-back-anchors, roof davits, also referred to as “tie-back anchors”, are used during maintenance to the external face of a building, such as window washing and painting.. Tie back layout – tie back anchors must be correctly positioned on the roof to provide the required coverage for suspension and anchorage lines. considerations such as angle of descent, distance from roof edge and type of equipment to be used, are all part of a properly design tie back anchor system., tieback anchors are the most basic engineered means utilized to secure equipment and personal fall arrest systems that are used during work from suspended equipment. tractel ® safety tieback anchors are designed to meet applicable safety codes, including osha, calosha, asme/ansi, and can/csa-z91-m90..

Services including load testing, inspections, and certifications. we can perform testing to make sure your roof anchors (tie back anchors, davit systems, window cleaning anchors, fall arrest systems) are certified to meet osha’s latest regulations. this includes the recent osha 1910.27 regulation changes and passing routine 5000 lb. load tests., tiebacks better tieback walls with chance® helical tieback anchors a pre-engineered tieback system for earth retention supplied by the largest manufacturer of anchors in the world simplifies the challenges for contractors. these tieback anchors are installed by rotating the anchors into the ground with common rotary drilling equipment..

Similar to the s-series tie-back anchor points, california tie-back anchor points have the same functionality, while following the unique california osha requirements for buildings 36 feet or more in height., s-series tie-back anchor points can utilized as suspension points for a bosun’s chair as part of a rope descent system, tie-back for portable equipment, or as a complete rooftop fall protection system. typical attachment methods include:. Roof safety anchors. from static roof anchors suitable for wood, metal or concrete substrates to adjustable seam roof anchor points that can be repositioned as your job area changes, harness land has a variety of fall protection roof anchors suitable for any roof job., tieback anchors for roof fall protection osha regulations require companies to provide adequate protection for workers during routine building maintenance activities. maintaining a comprehensive fall prevention and protection safety plan can benefit building management firms and owners in a number of other ways as well..

Here you'll find all the fall protection anchors you'll ever need, whether you need roof anchors for residential or commercial roofing, beam anchors for steel eour fall protection roof anchors include residential, commercial, & more from a variety of brands. visit our site or call (888) 412-7289 now to place your order.