Roof-scupper-installation, a canale (roof scupper) is a spout/drain installed in the parapet of a flat roof building to drain rainwater. unlike most industry standard roof canales made of wood and sheet metal which deteriorate rapidly in a few short years, our fiberspan concrete canales (roof scuppers) endure the most extreme of weather conditions for many years.. Things you should know about roof scuppers. sealant deterioration: the sealant around the flange or faceplate on the exterior wall surface around a thru-wall scupper is a maintenance item. it prevents water from getting between the metal scupper box and the wall masonry, and then backing up into the roof system and into the building., scuppers are drain openings placed in areas on the side of a roof for water drainage. a scupper can be placed through a side wall, or a parapet wall, or could be on a low area on the edge of a roof..

Installing a scupper from a flat roof to the gutter. the outlet can be just a deep channel with a spout like an outlet or can go through a wall section., westport, ct - flat roof scuppers are the most effective way to remove water from a flat roof. the design is critical and a proper strainer will help with draining water off a flat roof. part of a flat roof repair is to make sure it drains properly. damage is often caused by clogged drains.

Designed for sidewall roof installation. durable cast iron. hub connection is reversible to accommodate 45° or 90° installation. angled grate is standard., scupper at raised roof curb this detail illustrates the installation of a scupper through a raised roof curb with a gravel stop. since no gutters or conductor heads are provided, the scupper spout should extend beyond the exterior face of the building..

Drains for sidewall roof installation furnish and install the portals plus scupper drain at all drain openings as shown on drawings. scupper drain consists of a removable epoxy coated cast aluminum intregral flashing clamp with angled grate, with a free area of not less than 17.60