Ozone-carpet-cleaning, most carpet cleaning professionals are well aware of the aqueous ozone generators manufactured by several companies in the professional cleaning industry. these systems are most often brought in to treat odor problems when just about every other odor killing attempt has failed.. Ozone and carpet cleaning should a carpet cleaning service use an ozone generator? well, if you look at every carpet cleaning service, they almost always talk about removing odors. this is, by the way, a slippery slope because fully removing odors is difficult at best., how does ozone carpet treatment work? the gentle clean team utilizes an ozone machine in the room (s) that require odor remediation. the machine itself produces small amounts of ozone (o3) – a molecule containing three oxygen atoms..

The secret to efficient aqueous ozone carpet cleaning use aqueous ozone as another tool to clean carpet and get superior results, removing both soils and odors., remove odor fast with ozone maxblaster ozone generators are specially designed for carpet cleaners to remove odors fast and withstand frequent use in specialized conditions. remove odors from smoke, pets, tenants, water damage, fire damage, mold, and more.. Don't let the size fool you, this machine produces more ozone than machines 3 times its size. eliminates smoke, pet odors, mold, mildew & more. 2.65 grams/hr. 7.95 p.p.m. effective for areas up to 40,000 cubic ft. 30-hr programmable timer with adjustable output levels., ozone carpet cleaning. 45 likes. rug cleaning drop your rugs here.

Rotovac corporation offers the best carpet cleaning machines and equipment. we also have created a low-cost new start-up package for a business opportunity that will allow you to compete & excel in today's industry., your westlake home is your sanctuary but it can be hard to relax if your carpets, rugs or upholstery look less than clean. ozone cleaners llc can bring your home back to pristine condition at a price that will not break your budget..

The uv-1, uv-2 and uv-300 are compact and simple uv-ozone cleaners that can accommodate a variety of substrate shapes and sizes. the small-footprint systems are easy to operate, and use a unique combination of ultraviolet radiation, ozone and heat to gently, yet effectively, remove organic materials from a variety of substrates including silicon, gaas, sapphire, metals, ceramics, quartz and glass.