Lee-byung-hun-baby, lee byung hun and lee min jung have named their baby son! according to lee min jung’s management company, ms team entertainment on april 8, “lee byung hun and lee min jung have decided on lee joon.... Lee byung hun and lee min jung have welcomed their first child into the world. the news was announced by their agencies through a joint press release. according to the statement, lee min jung gave ..., updates on lee byung-hun and lee min-jung’s married life. lee byung hun and lee min jung are a famous married couple in korea, and their popularity is no joke..

Lee byung hun - from baby to 47 year old, actors lee byung hun and lee min jung have given birth to a baby boy! on march 31, both lee byung hun's company and lee min jung's company reported together saying, " the couple has had a baby boy..... Lee min jung and lee byung hun are now the parents of a healthy baby boy. their son was born on march 31 at a seoul hospital. lee min jung's agency ms team and lee byung hun's agency bh entertainment issued a statement announcing the news and adding that both mom and baby are doing well., amidst the blackmail controversy, korean actor lee byung hun is reportedly ready to be a father soon as his wife, lee min jung is pregnant with their first child. the circle of life news is announced by lee min jung’s agency msteam entertainment through a press release on 19th jan..

韓孝珠han hyo joo(한효주)、李炳憲lee byung hun(이병헌)、李珉廷lee min jung(이민정) arrived hong kong airport 20161201 - duration: 0:48. 520stars2 ..., lee min jung has kept mum about the controversy, but she alludes to it when sharing her secret to maintaining a loving marriage. in an e-mail interview with the straits times, the 34-year-old says: “every relationship has problems but you don’t throw it away when it’s not fix it, just like how everyone used to fix their telephones and television sets..

K-pop fans, are you guys excited for psy’s comeback next month?. on thursday (27th april), various reports have confirmed that popular south korean actor lee byung hun will starring in one of psy’s (real name: park jae sang) upcoming music videos.