Indoor-pool-lightning-death, 2. no one has died in an indoor swimming pool because of lightning before while there hasn’t been a documented case of an indoor pool lighting injury or death, there should be no debate around clearing indoor pools.. A mystery with a shocking twist: death by indoor lightning. an illuminating study on a very strange demise, pool safety is our priority. storms can happen anytime no matter where you live and the goal is to educate you about swimming pools and lightning & how you can implement techniques against possible dangers. after the storm, call pool troopers to keep your pool free from debris left by wind & rain..

No death has been recorded to date from lightning during indoor swimming activities. the u.s. consumer product safety commission reported 60 swimming pool electrocutions between 1990 and 2003, and none were from lightning. furthermore, cpsc could find no reports or documentation of fatality related to lightning for indoor pools., lightning. lightning is another danger associated with indoor swimming pools, a fact that surprises some pool patrons. according to the national lightning safety institute, about 22 million ground-to-cloud lightning flashes occur each year in the united states.. We at nlsi could find few reports of deaths or injuries in indoor pools related to lightning causes, however a july 10, 2010 incident at the kingsport (tenn.) legion pool is one reported event. the pool's policy is to evacuate the pool at the first signs of thunder or lightning., you need data to best identify the best practices to optimally serve your community. that’s where the 2020 nrpa agency performance review comes in. this report is the most comprehensive resource of data and insights for park and recreation agencies in the united states..

You can search databases of indoor pool deaths and those of deaths by lightning compiled ever since such statistics have been recorded and fail to find even a single death resulting from this scenario. however, it could happen, they warn – booga booga! think for a minute that risk assessment in this situation is based on mortality, lightning has been observed in indoor pools, causing injuries and electrical damage. one last point: a detail both sides repeat is that nobody has ever been killed by lightning while swimming....

1. abstract. lightning behavior is arbitrary, capricious and random. a first flash to earth can travel tens of miles from a distant cloud to a grounded object.