Caramel-african-american-skin-tone, skin tone chart has been used to identify races since a long, long time. according to johann friedrich blumenbach (1752 – 1840), one of the founders of scientific racism theories, there are five color typologies for the human race.. It really depends on where you go. i grew up calling any person with a yellow or pink skin tone light skinned. anyone light and medium brown brown skinned and anyone a shade of chocolate or darker dark skinned. if you go to the south i’ve noticed ..., if you're a woman of color suffering from dark spots and hyperpigmentation, there are plenty of skin care products designed to even your skin tone, allowing you to always put your best face forward. traditional lightening products contain hydroquinone, but there are gentler alternatives, such as vitamin c and kojic acid, that will also even out discoloration with minimal side effects..

For both light and dark skin, there are corresponding hair color shades that work better than others. whether you are black, african american, latin american, east indian, moreno, or just have brown skin or a darker skin tone, we are here to help you decide., the real skin tones color scheme palette has 5 colors which are russet (#8d5524), peru (#c68642), fawn (#e0ac69), mellow apricot (#f1c27d) and navajo white (#ffdbac).. this color combination was created by user sophia.the hex, rgb and cmyk codes are in the table below. note: english language names are approximate equivalents of the hexadecimal color codes..

For fair skin with cool undertones. fun fact: the paler your complexion, the lighter you can go with your hair color. “cool blonde shades (like platinum and baby blonde) are great on porcelain ..., dark skin tones from tan to bronze can be examined with the object to warmness or coolness and undertones the same way even the article “determining your skintone and undertone”. test your skin with silver and gold textile, and then try test with white towel..

African skin is physiologically different from that of other races. for this reason, many nigerians have found that using just any lotion, or lotions created with caucasians in mind, often leaves much to be desired. with more and more nigerians making the decision to stay away from hydroquinone, kojic acid, and other skin bleaching and […], dark skinned girls should steer clear from browns and blacks, plus colors on the cool end of the spectrum, like blues, gray and silver. if a color is too close to their skin tone, it just won’t flatter as much..

Picking the perfect adjective saves words and makes writing leap off the page. these lists contain over 300 adjectives to describe skin color, tone, complexion, and texture.some might be deemed cliché, but you can leverage them as springboards.