Biggest-intex-above-ground-pool, the intex ultra frame™ 36ft x 16ft x 52in is a very large above pool that actually looks like a ship. it offers a full-size swimming experience including diving but at a cost. first, it requires a large installation ground which may be quite a problem for many homeowners.. Edit tell us where you are located and we can tell you what's available:, many people are steering away from the unnecessary chemicals these days and opting for a saltwater system. the intex 120-volt sand filter pump and saltwater system is a great replacement to your traditional intex pool pump and the perfect addition to keep your pool clean and chemical free. no more powerful chlorine smells that will leave your hair looking green and you can keep your pool ....

I believe i have settled on a pool to get finally, but i have some questions still. the wife and i laid out an 18ft round area with flags (cheap little flags construction uses) and felt that once it has people in it, it will feel small. so we are going up to a 22ft. the problem is my budget..., help! just got a 20' above ground pool from family member, with no pump, filter, etc. i want a salt water pool and just need to know the basics of what i need to get started. do i need a sand filter? please respond like you're talking to a kindergartener. lol..

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